Donations Needed Please!!

Thanks to your help, yet again, we’ve been able to give food to a good few struggling families, but after Easter hols and bank hol, our stores are so depleted, we’ve had to turn people away. Can anyone help please?
We know people are incredibly generous, and want to help, but are often unsure of what would be most useful to donate.
We also have a very small amount of storage so we need to be a little more specific in our requests….so l’m hoping the guidance below helps.
TINNED GOODS… pies, meat puddings, ham, fish, corned beef, curries, chilli, stews, big soups, ravioli, macaroni cheese and similar, are an excellent help, when trying to make a complete meal.
Also tinned veg such as carrots, peas, corn, green beans, broad beans, new potatoes.
DESSERTS…You can help keep local kids smiling with jellies, tinned fruits, angel delight, blancmange, custard, rice puddings and other tinned desserts.
DRINKS… Tea, coffee, and sugar…squash, fruit juice, long life milk
DRY GOODS/JARS… Breakfast cereals, Cereal bars, rice, pasta, noodles, pasta in sauce packs, instant mash, dolmio type pasta sauces, sweet and sour and curry sauces etc are really useful.

We do tend to get given an awful lot of tinned spaghetti and spaghetti hoops, that we then struggle to dustribute/store, so very politely, we are asking that you please try to avoid if possible.
Thank you so much for all that you do and all your previous support. It really has helped our local community.