About Us

Staple Hill Community Hub serves to benefit the residents of Staple Hill and the neighbourhood, to advance education and provide facilities in the interests of social welfare,  with the objective of improving the conditions of life for the residents.

Staple Hill Community Hub currently provides computer facilities, a meeting room and kitchen facilities.

We run two luncheon clubs on Mondays and Fridays, run by volunteers, for the local community. The meals we provide are very reasonably priced and home cooked. We also provide meals for the housebound living in the flat complex. All are welcome.

We assist with the funding and organisation of an Older People’s Healthy Living Friendship Club which meets every Thursday at the local church. Open to all.

Local schools and the library also use our facilities and during the summer holidays will carry out various activities for local children.

We provide an information sharing facility where people can drop in and pick up leaflets etc. on local organisations, events and facilities.